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Service Mapping

What is the relationship between infrastructure and applications? Having a CMDB with discovery is a good start and the next natural step is not far away. Service Mapping gives you the ability to start mapping the application layer of your complex IT environment and relate it to infra.

For example, which system and what users are impacted by a particular change, incident or alert? Being able to perform proper service monitoring, calculate availability, impact analysis and communication to end-users are crucial.

Unexpected downtime and service outages tend to derive from missing this link. A lack of business context due to a disconnect between IT resources and how they map to and support business services. This is the challenge that Service Mapping intends to resolve for you.

Business impact

Knowing what's important

Which users are impacted in what systems when doing upgrades?

400 +

Supported applications

42 %

Avrg. outage reduction

90 %

Reduction in manual mapping

ServiceNow Service Mapping

Service Mapping in ServiceNow uses a top-down discovery approach for automatically mapping and discovering business services. When outages happen, IT struggles to understand how failures impacts the business, determining whether a single service or multiple services are affected, if the issue is in an on-premises data center or in the cloud, and what changes may have been made before the problem occurred.

Supported technologies

With over 400 available patterns ServiceNow can map almost any application stack which is on-prem or self-hosted. Including storage- and network paths.

Tag based

Build maps based on tags without the need for credentials or firewall access. Tags is a fast and reliable way of having up-to-date service topologies.

Cloud & DevOps

Service Mapping natively supports mapping of applications built on containers, microservices and cloud resources. Ready for the DevOps era.

How does it work?


Define services
Gather entrypoints and define your services. Ready the organization for becoming service aware.
Map in real time
Start mapping services in bulk, through tags or credential-less. Infrastructure starts having a business context.
Reduce outages
Get rid of old visio diagrams, tools or complicated change management processes for determining impact.

Want to reduce outages once and for all?