Roadmaps & Implementation Plans

A well-planned ITOM roadmap allows for clear resource planning, budgeting and project management from the get-go. Implementation plans for ITOM can be complex, involving a multi-dimensional approach of audiences, goals and outcomes. At Einar & Partners we have the ability to break down complex ITOM roadmaps into simplicity which can be understood by the entire organization.

Approaching an ITOM project is rarely straightforward, as there are many variables to take into account which might change the course of direction. A good roadmap outlines the milestones but at the same time keep a pragmatic approach for changes along the way. A roadmap should include the as-is, to-be, strategic goals as well as objectives to achieve the goals. Creating a good roadmap requires a deep experience in knowing the domino-effect between choices and when to go left instead of right.


Roadmaps & Implementation Plans

We don’t just assist in formulating a roadmap and plan – but we also help during the execution phase and implementation. Irrespective if you need advisory and guidance or full support start to finish our archiects and advisors are ready to assist. From requirements gathering, to assessment, all the way to nitty-gritty implementation and finally go-live.

How we design great roadmaps for ITOM

Roadmaps is not just a PowerPoint presentation. A roadmap is the effect of people agreeing upon a journey and committing to it. Below you can see some of the areas we assist with during a roadmap for ITOM.

Defining realistic target picture

We help organizations define a realistic target picture in ServiceNow ITOM. What should the scope be? What to include from a short and long-term perspective? What to expect from the implementation from day one? Taking multiple viewpoints and perspective into account we help draft a target picture which everybody agrees upon and are excited about.

Internal Resourcing and Effort

How much time is required from the internal teams and stakeholders? Einar & Partners have benchmarked over 60 ITOM implementations across the industry to give reliable data and numbers of who you need and when. We provide business intelligence and insights for various industries, project complexities and unique conditions.

Technical Implementation Plan

A technical implementation plan encompasses security, low-level details as well as a project plan that the teams directly can use (for example, through transferring to JIRA or ServiceNow Agile Development). We know in what order things should be done and why.