ServiceNow ITOM

ServiceNow ITOM is a suite of applications which together creates a complete eco system for managing modern IT Operations. We at Einar & Partners have more than 11 years of subject matter experience with ServiceNow ITOM. Many of our staff has previously been employed directly at ServiceNow in their ITOM team and are deeply involved in the community.
Services ServiceNow ITOM

Strengthen Operations, Simplify


We create CMDBs that becomes trustworthy, reliable and easy to work with. Coupled with great governance and real-time data.

Model Data, Drive Precision

CSDM & Service Operations

Use CSDM and Service Operations to apply business context and service aware mindset in the CMDB.

Know the unknown in your network with


Discovery rollouts, implementation strategies and frameworks that works. Use Discovery to populate the CMDB with real-time data, agentless or agent-based.

Create services automatic

Service Mapping & Topologies

Tag-based, on-prem or ML/Traffic-based. Service Mapping allows you to map IT services in bulk for quick time-to-value.

Noise reduction and smart groupings

Event Management

Ingest monitoring data, apply machine learning, groupings and 360 view of infrastructure health.

Use AI to boost human excellence

AIOps & Observability

Machine learning algorithms which works. Use AIOps to automate, cluster, correlate and prevent service outages before they happen.

Integrate vendors, systems and more

Automation & Integrations

Low-code, easy-to-use and with pre-made connectors and spokes. IntegrationHub, Automation Engine and API's.

Transform with Einar & Partners!

Discover ITOM & AIOps brilliance through simplicity and expertise. Amplify innovation and elevate your business.