Automation & Integrations

Automate and optimize your business processes and IT. Through integrations end-users can help themselves directly through self-service. Software installations, system access, rights & permissions and much more.

The IT staff on the other hand can automate responses to alerts, fixes for incidents and rollback scenarios. The cloud team can automate day-2 operations when creating cloud resources. The integration and automation capabilities in ServiceNow is powerful.

Through flow-designer or the IntegrationHub creators can easily automate almost any business process and integrate to virtually any system. Achieve quick ROI through targeting low-hanging fruits and reducing manual work. Low code and simple.

Don't let invested time go to waste

Be smart with automation

Re-use existing tools, capabilities and pre-made connectors
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ServiceNow Integrations & IntegrationHub

The automation & integration package from ServiceNow comes with a powerful set of tools. When service problems strike, IT is in a race against the clock to identify the source of the issue, the root cause, and apply a fix to restore the service to a healthy state.

Through the automation engine in ServiceNow engineers can build flows that can speak to any system. Active Directory, SSH, REST, Azure, PowerShell and much more.

API's everywhere

Easy to read API's and possibility to integrate to any table. Robust transform maps and ETL operations. Pre-made connectors for Event Management, CMDB and more.

Flow Designer

A code-less drag- and drop tool for automating the quick tasks and actions. Trigger flows from anywhere in the platform such as incidents, alerts or changes.


Using “Spokes” IntegrationHub can speak to third-party API’s easily. For example Slack, Teams, CI/CD, Ansible, Git and Docker. Over 50 hubs are available.

Achieving quick time-to-value

Pillars for successful Automation & Integrations

Creating automation and integrations is easy but requires good governance, strategy and structure behind the philosophy. Otherwise organizations run the risk of high maintenance costs and integration sprawl/chaos.

Automation & Integrations is not just technical aspects but also cultural. Enabling and allowing staff to have a canvas to create their own automation cases supported by a great automation team and governance is key.

Transaction Calculations

Design the outbound requests / transactions for integrations with intention to reduce impact on systems and licensing.

Multi-source CMDB

Integration options for CMDB are many but what takes precedence? Many organizations are on a multi-source CMDB strategy.

SIAM Approach

How should vendors, clients and external system integrate into your platform? Governance around SIAM is essential.

Stick to the box

If possible try to stick to OOTB integrations, spokes and tools. May sound obvious but many tech teams go down the customization swamp.

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