Creating a trust-worthy data layer should be the priority one for any modern enterprise and company. Real-time infrastructure data and dependencies assists in a multitude of processes across the business and is the beating heart of the IT organization.

This is where a CMDB & Discovery assist. A modern CMDB should encapsulate data sources across the IT environment and potentially beyond. From on-prem to serverless infrastructure and cloud. Through using a modern discovery tool the IT department can have their data not only automatic – but living and breathing.

Meaning that infrastructure, monitoring data, business KPI’s and metrics come together in one consolidated 360 view. And it starts with Discovery.

Succeeding with discovery

Quick Capability Overview

How can Discovery help the CMDB?
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ServiceNow Discovery

Discovery uses conventional protocols (such as SSH, Powershell, SNMP) together with REST API’s to discover infrastructure.

Through discovery you can not only see the normal expected output but also detailed cloud resources, kubernetes clusters, docker swarms and drill down deep into the infra. Furthermore, discovery also explores the application layer and databases.

Cloud & On-Premise

Cloud resources, virtualized environments, traditional IT or client computers. Capture anything which is on the network.

Dependencies & Applications

Capture dependencies between infrastructure. Combine multiple clouds, providers and technologies to see a coherent map.

Serverless & containers

Serverless, containerized environments and tags. ServiceNow discovery is compatible with modern DevOps practices.

Pillars for successful Discovery

Implementing a Discovery project may seem easy at first but he devil is in the details. Negotiations with security teams, optimizing network traffic as well as promoting Discovery as a business function rather than a simple tool all becomes important.

Discovery & Security

Early buy-in of the security team. Using Discovery in the right way at the right place within the network. Securing Discovery with the right type of credentials, access rights and guardrails is becoming more critical.

Load on network

Optimizing Discovery to minimize the load on the network from a performance and security perspective is essential. A poor Discovery implementation triggers warnings, alerts and frustration from security & IT teams. A smooth Discovery implementation is barely noticeable from a load perspective.

Roles & Governance

Who will maintain Discovery? How does it interface with the CMDB and other processes? And how do we package Discovery and offer it to the business? These are all relevant and highly important questions for a Discovery project.

Cost Optimization

If not scoped correctly Discovery runs the risk of becoming an expensive pet-project which isn’t in use. Knowing how to optimize the Discovery tool in ServiceNow to optimize license spend, usage and cost aspects is a challenge most organizations are struggling with.

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