ITOM Pricing & Reselling

Are you a service provider, technology company or other type of IT provider looking to sell ITOM and gain new revenue streams? More and more MSPs are on a path of selling “ITOM As a service” after implementation, where a modern CMDB, support and maintenance are included in the pricing towards the end client. Calculating how ITOM can be sold, repackaged and added to invoicing can be a difficult challenge with many variables to consider.

We’ve helped some of EU’s leading technology and service providers to formulate standard offerings, support agreements, add-on services and a product portfolio around ITOM. Examples such as being standard CMDB onboarding, selling and distributing Discovery licenses, service mapping and support agreements are common practice.

Through investing in ITOM the organization can become more competitive when responding to bids, deals and client cases. A modern ITOM solution should enable your clients to use self-service to check status of their services, enable upsell opportunities, as well as giving them powerful analytics and dashboards to view their IT estate. At Einar & Partners – we know what works and what doesn’t.

ITOM Pricing and Reselling-new

Important aspects when reselling ITOM

Einar & Partners have helped over 10 leading MSPs (Multi Service Providers), service providers, integration providers and more to resell and package ITOM.

License Costs & Markups

How to apply optimal margins on licensing costs? How to bundle and package ITOM licenses for your client base? And perhaps most importantly, are they willing to pay for it?

Standard ITOM Offerings

Formulating standard offerings on “what is included in ITOM”, what clients can expect and how your organization deploy and onboard clients in ITOM is critical.

Add-on Services

Some clients have special requirements and expectations on the ITOM platform you provide. But not everything can be included in standard agreements. How to formulate add-on services for ITOM?

ITOM As A Service

How to map services? How can clients integrate with the CMDB? Standard processes? Formulating a crisp, clear and neat ITOM sales package that clients want to buy is key to increase new business.

Support Agreements

What level of support is included when clients use your platform? What to expect and how to price it? Creating support packages and pricing them requires deep understanding of the platform.

Reporting & Analytics

Creating user-friendly, simple and intuitive ways for clients to gain access to real-time reporting is key to happy customers. Being able to drill down in CMDB data, alerts, service tree’s and ITSM.

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