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Knowing how much an ITOM implementation may cost in external costs is easy. But what about the internal machinery required to execute an ITOM transformation? In a unique way, Einar & Partners have developed a research machine that tracks over 100 ITOM implementations over not just quarters but years. Through our research we’re able to provide industry-leading business intelligence for ITOM projects that can be used to optimize the implementation and lower costs.

Most organizations struggles to quantify the internal time investment, effort, capacity and more when it comes to planning an ITOM project. How much time to request from different teams? Who is needed in workshops? What are common reasons for delays and what are realistic timelines? These are just some of the benchmarks and KPI’s that we keep track on through our partnership network, project monitoring and survey outreach.

We are able to provide data difficult to find else-where about how much time, effort and capacity to plan for an ITOM project.


ITOM Implementation KPI’s we bring in

Einar & Partners have measured and

Internal Effort KPI’s

We know exactly what team to include, how much time to ask from them and what stakeholders to involve during all stages of a project.

Timelines & Duration

KPI’s around timelines, durations and milestones in an ITOM project. Based on quantitative data from over 100 implementations, we help with setting realistic expectations.

Scope & Complexity

Insights around common industry scopes, complexity, sizing of ITOM projects and license breakdowns.

Role Frameworks

We’ve measured, quantified and broken down over 50 organizations governance aspects of ITOM to create clear recommendations around roles and responsibilities.

Delaying Factors

Capture delaying factors and common pitfalls before the project starts. Based on real data measured in over 50 implementations, we’ve quantified the most common reasons for delay.


How are organizations using Discovery? Integrations? Service Mapping? CSDM? Irrespective of area in ITOM we have the consolidated insights from more than 50 ITOM projects.

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