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Highly specialized and with a laser-focus on ITOM we help leading European enterprises create successful ITOM- & AIOps Strategies. At Einar & Partners we have a unique environment you as a team-member operate in.

We’re a company different from most consultancy firms in the game. As member of the core-team, you’ll be part of a journey where something truly new & unique is forming. A trajectory to become industry-leaders within our domain & expertise.

High intellectual stimulation, fun content creation, world-class projects and possibilities to build a heavy-weight CV within the industry of ITOM- & AIOps. That’s what we promise. Together with a fantastic team-dynamic and a healthy dose of madness.

We look for the highly creative and unique thinkers. One’s who can see patterns where others don’t. The individuals who are passionate, aware and hungry to make a footprint in the industry of ITOM.

Currently open job positions (3)

Note: We assume you are eligible to work in EU. We do not sponsor visas at the given time.

Amsterdam, NL

ITOM Architect - ServiceNow

Einar & Partners is currently looking for a senior ITOM Architect with experience in the ServiceNow Platform. As an architect, you will be working next to 5 other architects on some of the most influential ITOM projects currently active in EU.

About the position

In the capacity of a ServiceNow ITOM Architect at Einar & Partners, you will be making a wide and far-reaching impact on the industry as a whole. As we’re currently working with several big partners, your ideas and approaches will be incorporated into the DNA at scale.

You will be expected to coach juniors both internally at E&P as well as a lead in projects together with our partners. In the capacity of an architect, you will also learn, master and improve our existing frameworks and rollout models for various ITOM areas in ServiceNow.

The position is based in Amsterdam, but you can naturally live anywhere in Netherlands. However, we prefer to meet in the office from time-to-time to deep-dive in brainstorming and fun activities.

Technical & Process skills we seek

As an ITOM architect, we expect to be able to throw you in the deep relatively quick. Therefore, you should have previous experience with the following areas:

  • ServiceNow ITOM Modules
  • CMDB / ServiceGraph / CSDM

You should have been exposed to and get the hang of:

  • Infrastructure & IT Operations (Linux, Windows, Networking, Databases, Azure/AWS, you name it)
  • Cloud
  • Monitoring
  • Coding (We don’t care what language, as long as you understand code)

Architect skills we seek

The ITOM architect that we seek should be able to master many things, think quick on your feet and enter projects with a humble aura of leadership and certainty. We assume that you previously have:

  • Experience preparing and hosting workshops
  • Ability to create fantastic presentations and models that convey information in a structured way
  • Worked with user-stories and agile development
  • Exposure to various perspectives of ITOM engagements, from more commercial aspects (pre-sales) to solution designs
  • Trained and coached junior profiles in one capacity or another

Qualities we seek

Qualities that we appreciate at E&P are:

  • High emotional intelligence – you can keep your cool and work with most people. You seek to understand, can take multiple perspectives into account, and find it thrilling to navigate politics in projects.
  • Abstract thinking – the ability to break down information, pick out irrelevant parts, summarize key messages and explain your thoughts with the help of visual tools and models.
  • Structure & organization – whatever systems and tools you’ve developed for yourself, you stay structured as you plan your weeks and tasks. Separating what is urgent vs important.
  • Leadership – you recognize that people don’t always come in with the same perspective and background. You step up and take responsibility when required, encourage people who do good, and lift the team-members around you
  • Open-Source Mindset – knowledge is meant to be shared and not hoarded. You don’t mind the notion of creating content, podcasts, articles or helping team-members with new findings. Things you learn are things you share.

Luxembourg or Amsterdam

Jr. ITOM Consultant (x2)

Apply for a position as Jr. ITOM Consultant for ServiceNow at Einar & Partners. As a junior ITOM consultant, you will learn how to master AIOps & IT Operations using one of the largest enterprise IT platforms in the world.

About the position

In the capacity of a Jr. ITOM Consultant, you will have a key-role of supporting our critical engagements together with senior staff. Sucking up knowledge and experiences like a sponge, you’ll get a fast trajectory to develop your ITOM skills towards next level.

You will get exposed to a vast number of various industries, challenges and tasks that makes a big difference. As a Jr. Consultant you will be mentored by some of the most experienced and well-known people in the industry of ITOM.

We’re seeking for somebody with a strong ITOps experience, preferably (but not a must) with experience in consulting or system engineering. This job-ad is valid for x2 locations – Amsterdam and Luxembourg.

Technical & Process skills we seek

As a Jr. Consultant, you’ll learn everything about ServiceNow ITOM through our own ITOM Lab with real infrastructure, war-games and challenges. After your technical baseline is up to speed, you’ll be mentored in direct projects.

In order to succeed and excel in your role, we expect you to have previous direct experience with concepts such as:

  • System Engineering / Sys-admin (Linux, Windows, UNIX)
  • Networking Infrastructure, TCP/IP, Load Balancing
  • Databases, storage and various management tools
  • IT Infrastructure concepts such as Active Directory, Domain Controllers, Infrastructure, IAM, Azure, AWS etc

It is beneficial if you are able to navigate spaces such as:

  • Monitoring Tools & Alerts
  • Scripting (Powershell, Bash, Perl, PHP, Python etc)
  • Previous ServiceNow exposure (sysadmin)

Jr. Consultant skills we seek

As a Jr. ITOM Consultant, you’ll be the rising star of tomorrow. In order to become the top 1% of the worlds ITOM professionals, it is very beneficial if you have skills such as:

  • Natural communicator and client-facing skills
  • Ability to create presentations, powerpoints & slides
  • Previous exposure in troubleshooting/support/break-fix
  • A business-like mindset towards processes, organizational workflows
  • An interest in commercial aspects on the scale of enterprise IT (product demo’s, presentations, proposals)
  • An interest in psychology and leadership

Qualities we seek

Qualities that we appreciate at E&P for Jr. Consultants in ITOM are:

  • High emotional intelligence – you can keep your cool and work with most personality types. You seek to understand, can take multiple perspectives into account, and find it thrilling to learn about politics in projects.
  • Student-for-life mindset – a burning sensation and thrive to pick-up new concepts, learn and ask questions. To take notes, connect the dots and quickly grasp complexities.
  • Structure & organization – whatever systems and tools you’ve developed for yourself, you stay structured as you plan your weeks and tasks. Separating what is urgent vs important.
  • Autonomous drive – you don’t just wait for tasks to come to you. When you start feel confident enough, you spot and see what needs to be done, and get to action based on new-formed intuition. You try to think multiple steps ahead, but are never afraid of asking for guidance when necessary.

Working at Einar & Partners

Our locations & offices

Where we are


You’ll find us in a super-fun and vibrant co-working space. Mingle with other entrepreneurs, enjoy team-lunches and pick-up knowledge from data scientists, investors, founders and fantastic colleagues.


In Luxembourg we’re in the countryside with a A+ team outside of the hustle and bustle of Luxembourg city. Having each-others back, blowing off steam after work in local bars, and with beautiful hiking trails.


We also have team-members who are working remotely. Currently Einar & Partners have staff from 8 different nationalities, working from 5 different locations in the world. Of course, our remote experts sync up in our offices frequently and we see each other face-2-face!


Next level ITOM

What we work on

Being trailblazers and industry-leaders is a different ballgame. At E&P, together with the team, you’ll actively:

  • Create new models and frameworks related to ITOM/AIOps
  • Work with content-creation (benefiting from a content-related bonus scheme)
  • Spearheading the most challenging projects in EU
  • Learn in a real ITOM lab full of infrastructure- & ML
  • Develop ITOM material, blueprints & processes that we teach to partners

What we’re trying to say is; You don’t just work on projects with the typical vendor material. Instead, you help shape an industry and the methodologies behind success.

Career and future

How you develop

Technology/Platform, Process & Commercial. At Einar & Partners you’ll learn to master all three layers to operate on a different dimension.

We provide an environment which is unique in the industry of ITOM. Depending on your passion and interest, you’ll be able to leverage Einar & Partner as a platform to become:

  • An industry-leading strategic advisor who earns the trust of executives
  • A thought-leader who delivers keynotes and insights heard by thousands
  • A razor-sharp ITOM consultant taught by the best
  • A strong leader who influences engagements

Our employees go on to become leaders, decision-makers and highly sought-after profiles in IT Operations.


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