ITOM Organizational Transformation

Implementing and scaling ITOM from a technical perspective is the easy part. Making the organization adopt, use and embed CMDB, Service Models and ITOM in their day-to-day job is more difficult. To achieve best ROI, the impact ITOM has on an organization should not be underestimated. It requires careful planning, tactful emotional intelligence and smart management of change.

ITOM projects tends to come attached with a political landscape of competing interests, needs and agendas from various stakeholder groups. Ensuring buy-in at the right levels, having the early conversations and make the organization use the technology it invests in is what we are experts at. Einar & Partners have lead organizational transformation aspects in some of the largest scale ITOM transformations around the world. Proven track record, user-friendly and carefully designed – that’s what we do.


Organizational Transformation Pillars for ITOM

Ownership Models

Who owns what in a CMDB? What responsibilities comes attached with ownership? And how do we make sure we get everybody onboard? Defining crystal clear ownership models with easy to understand actions is critical to ensure data quality, high trust and transparency in a CMDB.

Security Buy-in & Compliance

Highly regulated industries, legal frameworks and certifications. When working with ITOM it’s important that the transformation is implemented in a secure manner. Depending on the industry and sector, there might be regulations and compliance requirements which dictates areas such as data separation, security features, audits, logging and more.

Operating Models

How do stakeholders interact? What are the standard routines and who does what? CMDB, Discovery, Alerts & Monitoring and many more areas dictates clear operating models. An operating models is not just a document, it should encapsulate e-learning, quick how-to-guides, easy to understand documentation and be co-created with the people who will use the system.

Organizational areas we help with

When we implement ITOM, the technology is secondary to the people aspect. To understand the politics, the unique challenges and draft long-term plans where we coach the entire organization is what we do best.

Internal effort benchmarks

We have benchmarked over 60 ITOM implementations and can give reliable data and numbers around internal effort, what roles to assign, who is needed for workshops and when. Not based on guesses but on real-life implementations.

Service Owner Coaching

Coaching, onboarding and education of Service/Application Owners in ServiceNow to succeed with CSDM and service operations. Through user-friendly material and approaches we break down CSDM and have the organization describe and map services in no time.

CMDB Team Excellence

We teach and coach CMDB teams to become the best config managers, find the best governance models and how to work with data in optimal ways. Your config team will have a direct link to some of the best in the game to teach the ins-and-out.