ITOM / AIOps Strategy

Creating a transformation plan that can scale the innovation of IT Operations Management over years can be challenging. Although a technical area at its core, successful ITOM projects require the cultural and people aspects to be prioritized just as much. Mistakes around budget planning, what roles to staff, the internal efforts, and good project governance may lead to an ITOM transformation failing to generate optimal value – or fail altogether.

At Einar & Partners, we have a holistic approach when implementing ITOM projects that can scale based on proven formulas from over 60 successful engagements. Although the journey might always look different depending on the organization and requirements, there are always shared elements between the projects.

Our output is neutral and independent, meaning you can take the results and build upon them yourself, with us or with selected partners in your ecosystem.

ITOM-Strategy New

Our 3-layered approach



Finding the best technical solution and best practices for an ITOM implementation. Sticking to out-of-the-box as much as possible while making the right decisions.

Value & Process

Connecting the process side, people and culture to the technical layer. Educating staff, creating repeatable blueprints, processes that can scale and self-reliance to continue the project even after external expertise is gone.


How does the process tie into the commercial parts of an ITOM project? Quantifying ROI, license ramp-ups, budget decision making and measuring the value of an ITOM implementation.

Strategic areas we work with