Solving IT Asset Complexity

ITAM - Hardware & Software Asset Management

Keeping track of hardware and software assets has been a 30-year old challenge for most enterprises. Commissioning, deploying and retiring hardware may sound like an easy task but is far from. Tracking of current costs, depreciation and contractual agreements with various vendors and partners is a complex matter. Add software asset management on top off it with allocation, deallocation and maintenance of licenses and you have an even more complex picture.

Einar & Partners have helped some of the largest organizations in the world with locking down their ITAM (IT Asset Management) processes and governance. Standardizing lifecycles, integrating finance and procurement, and applying rigid frameworks and policies on global as well as local levels. Done right, ITAM can be the cost-saving that pays for the entire platform investment in ServiceNow.

Proven Track Record in ITAM

Einar & Partners ITAM Experience

Einar & Partners' ITAM experience gives clients a strategic edge in efficiently managing hardware and software assets while optimizing costs and governance
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ServiceNow ITAM

ServiceNow ITAM is a holistic concept that encapsulates both hardware and software. Through Hardware Asset Management (HAM), organizations can stay on top off cost optimization and spending for any hardware related asset. Irrespective if you have internal IT, an outsourced landscape or a mixture HAM gives you total contral.

Software Asset Management (SAM) in ServiceNow comes with plug and play software reconciliation, normalization and automation flows that are ready to plug-and-play for 99% of software vendors.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Reconcile, normalize and optimize your software usage and spend. The license landscape, especially at global companies may be complex. We help organizations get control of the software mess – once and for all.

Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

Hardware Asset Management is still a critical core component of large enterprises. Install, Move, Add and Change procedures is key to a successful hardware asset habit.

Governance & Roles

Defining the roles, responsibilities and expected actions for asset managers, finance, procurement and infrastructure teams. ServiceNow comes with clear expectations, actions and ways of working built-in from day #1.

Pillars for a successful ITAM Implementation

Creating a solid ITAM practice is a cultural journey more than anything. Compared to other areas of IT Operations, ITAM requires a solid integration towards the financial and cost side of things. Integration with vendors, financial systems and reporting becomes key when embarking on an ITAM journey.


What are the lifecycles for HAM & SAM? When is something ordered, deployed, retired or decommissioned? Defining simple lifecycles which can scale broadly across countries, departments and companies is a key pillar of successful ITAM.

Software & Hardware Models

Models defines everything. It keeps track of end of life, end of service as well as the contractual perspective of hardware and software components. Maintaining and updating model records is a big puzzle piece of ITAM.

Cost Optimization

The HAM & SAM Pro version of ServiceNow contains additional features and functionality around automation, cost optimization and reporting. Automatically reclaim, redistribute, and reallocate software licenses. Enable advanced cost optimization reporting and recommendations for hardware/software spend.

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