Sales & Pre-sales Services

Are you a ServiceNow partner, professional services firm or technology provider? Scoping ITOM, demonstrating functionalities and selling ITOM can be complex. IT Operations tend to have a very “bottom-up” approach in decision making, where highly skilled technical profiles determine tool selection and budget.

To succeed with selling ServiceNow ITOM real expertise, experience and know-how is required to create credibility. At Einar & Partners we have helped ServiceNow partners and organizations in the art of selling and packaging ITOM. In an end-2-end approach we highlight the benefits, gather requirements and provide ITOM knowledge where it matters during the entire sales cycle. From pre-sales activities such as RFPs, proposals, scoping and license calculations to pure sales that help to win new business – we’ve done it all.


How we help with sales & pre-sales

Offerings and go-to-market

Want to include ITOM, CMDB and CSDM as part of a broader offering towards the market? Often the CMDB can become a bottleneck to enable more projects and value. We can help to tweak offerings for ServiceNow partners and work together to create more business from ITOM.

Partnership Strategy

Einar & Partners have a solid partnership strategy where we work together during sales cycles to enable mutual beneficial outcomes for everybody involved. Through partnering or working with us you get access to a wide range of sales and pre-sales capacity in ITOM.

License Calculations & Ramp-up

We’ve helped organizations to create license calculations, ramp-up model and license optimization for projects and clients.


Einar & Partners have an state-of-the-art ITOM lab where we can demonstrate ServiceNow ITOM capabilities and features. Real infrastructure, real data and real use-cases taken for a test-drive.

Bids, RFPs and Contracts

We have helped to draft, scope and respond to some of the largest ITOM proposals and bids in EU. Through our templates, blueprints and senior knowledge we help organizations respond with confidence to bids where ITOM is critical.

Co-creation & Marketing

We love content and content-marketing. Our Research Unit together with ServiceNow Partners and professional services firms can jointly co-create thought-leadership that makes an impact on the industry.

Boost your ITOM business with
Einar & Partners

The success of our friends and partners is our bread and butter. We co-create, integrate and shed light on the "how" in ITOM to enable sales.