Industries & Sectors

Deeply mastered

Industries & Sectors

Einar & Partners have lead over 60 engagements in ITOM & AIOps in EU, North America and UK. Through our experience, Einar & Partners have been exposed to a few key industries which we’ve mastered deeply. In these sectors we have helped innovate, create strategies and drive forward successful change with proven track records. Each sector is unique with it’s own set of regulatory compliance, business challenges and environment.


Einar & Partners have worked with some of the largest banks and financial institutions in Europe & UK. Example of elements in finance that impacts an ITOM project are:

  • CMDB & Service Topologies in highly secure environments
  • Data separation & compliance
  • Requirements on documentation, audits & traceability
  • Complex & segregated networks & firewalls landscapes
  • Process documentation & validation

Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

We have exposure to multiple complex projects & engagements in the health sector and pharmaceuticals. Factors impacting ITOM projects are typically:

  • GxP Relevant system and validations / qualifications
  • Process Documentation in accordance with GxP
  • Validating CMDB, Auto-Discovery & other ITOM processes
  • Highly secure environments with complex networks
  • CMDB Data Separation & Segregation

Public Sector – EU

Operating and executing ITOM Strategy in public sectors comes with its own set of unique requirements. We have worked with municipalities, public entities and governmental organizations around Europe, such as Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden & Norway. Through our exposure in multiple countries, we are able to provide a holistic view on public sector EU wide.

Einar & Partners have been involved with:

  • Analysis & requirements gathering for new ITOM systems
  • Independent reports and recommendations in CMDB- & ITOM
  • Support with procurement, vendor selection & tenders
  • Documentation & Security
Einar & Partners have worked directly with some of the worlds leading MSP

Technology & MSPs

Einar & Partners have worked directly with some of the worlds leading MSPs and technology providers in their respective fields. Typical factors that are impacting technology providers & MSPs are:

  • Integration landscape to customers & partners (service bridge)
  • Domain separation & data segregation
  • Service Landscape & Standardization of offerings
  • ITOM blueprints for Discovery, Event Management & Service Topologies unique to MSPs


Are you working in one of the industries above and are looking for help in ITOM- & AIOps? Contact us today and we will be happy to show references and speak about our experiences.