Portfolio Development

Do you need to include ServiceNow ITOM as part of your portfolio and go-to-market? We specialize in helping service providers, MSPs, technology partners and professional services firm in how to optimize their offerings with ServiceNow ITOM.

Some organizations are in need of reselling, packaging and offer ITOM to their client base when they go to market. But creating and hiring the best ITOM teams, formulate solid offerings, and incorporate ITOM are part of reselling, licensing and packaging can be a challenge. Einar & Partners have assisted the industry with expert ITOM knowledge to build out capacity, revenue and drive new business.

Our go-to-market services

Multi Service Providers & Technology Partners

How to have clients pay for ITOM? Subscription models, incorporating support agreements and onboarding clients to your company’s platform. Einar & Partners have frameworks for technology providers and MSPs that assist in packaging, reselling and bundling ITOM and pricing it right.

Platform Owners & ITOM Teams

Internal staffing of ITOM resources? Configuration managers, ITOM product owners, platform owners and more. We’ve helped over 20 organizations to build out their internal ITOM teams with role frameworks, cost breakdowns, responsibilities and assistance during hiring & onboarding.

Professional Services Firms

Selling and packaging ITOM requires a deep understanding of the portfolio, technology and realistic project approaches. We’ve helped ServiceNow partners with sales and pre-sales services in ITOM to win and augment new business, accounts and markets to stand out from the competition.

ITOM Resources

We have some of the industry’s leading pool of ITOM resources and capacity to extend implementation & project teams. If you are short on resouces, knowledge or expertise during an ITOM implementation our team can help with pinpointed knowledge and advice.

Areas we’ve assisted with

Reselling ITOM for Service Providers

How can service and technology providers package ITOM and have their clients pay for a modern CMDB? Packaging and selling ITOM, including support services and standard offerings is what we do best.

Internal ServiceNow teams

Building and hiring the best ITOM team can be a challenge. How to define the roles, salary levels, career development and create an environment where people want to grow?

App development & Integrations

For vendors that want to integrate and create custom apps for ServiceNow we’ve adviced and help build out integrations that comply with CMDB, CSDM and other parts in ITOM. Event Management Connectors, Service Graph Connectors and more.

ITOM Lab & Demo’s

Want to lab, demonstrate and show-case ITOM for clients? Einar & Partners have a leading ITOM lab with real infrastructure that can take ITOM for a test-drive.

ServiceNow Partners

We’ve helped more than 10 ServiceNow partners to incorporate ITOM, CMDB and AIOps as part of their approaches, offerings and client engagements.

ITOM Implementation Bootcamps

Bootcamps in ServiceNow Discovery, Event Management & CSDM Implementations targeted towards architects, senior administrators, project managers and other key roles.

Go-to-market with ITOM and
Einar & Partners!

We are passionate about elevating the entire industry and companies offerings in ITOM & AIOps. With a deep connection to the community we know what works.