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For enterprises that dare to challenge & change

Einar & Partners is an independent firm that offers strategic advice, analysis and consulting in the fields of IT Operations & AIOps. Delivering reliable assessments is our objective. Knowing the unknown is our goal.

Our services include but are not limited to; AIOps- & ITOM advisory, operating models, transformation programs, cloud governance, C-level workshops, in-depth assessments & think-tanks.

Renowned in the industry, we are the leading experts in ServiceNow ITOM & AIOps. With our extensive experience in complex transformations that are massive in scope, we have launched countless of successful AIOps- & ITOM programs.


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Gas & Oil, MSPs & Technology, Finance, Public Sector & more.

60 +

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Einar & Partners is a specialized advisory firm in AI- & IT Operations strategy. With a special focus on a few selected topics, we pride ourselves in advising our client base with in-depth expertise difficult to find anywhere else.

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We stand by what we say and do, and our experience is the proof. No fuzz or overly complicated delivery models. There is beauty in simplicity.

Business & Benchmarks

Combining an analytical eye for business drivers and KPI with cultural aspects. We create ITOM- & AIOps strategies that can scale.


We strive to be a highly trusted and reliable advisor in the market. We achieve this through complete transparency, workflows and results that are measurable.

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