The Power of CSDM

CSDM & Service Operations

Many businesses are on a pathway to become a service-centric IT organization. But defining services, data-models and ownership structure is not an easy task. The complexity of services is increasing with outsourcing vendors, 3rd party providers, micro-services and legacy systems all in play.

CSDM (The Common Service Data Model) in ServiceNow can help organizations get on top off service definitions and how everything is connected to each other. Einar & Partners is specialized in CSDM and Service Operations. With rigid governance models, user-friendly how-to guides and rich experience in scaling CSDM we have helped over 25 organizations move towards service-oriented CMDBs.

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ServiceNow Service Operations – what is it?

ServiceNow CSMD and Service Operations is a framework based on industry best-practice around data-models made for 2024. For a CMDB to provide real value it needs to contain business context and impact. Who is affected? What services to we deliver? What are the promises and who owns what? ServiceNow CSDM helps with all of these areas.

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Data Models & Frameworks

Pre-made objects, tables and objects that can be directly mapped towards major data models such as TBM, IT4IT, COBIT and more.

Reporting and business intelligence

CSDM is created with enterprise-wide reporting in mind. Pre-made dashboards, reports and insights to measure service availability, costs, commitments and ticket-data is built in the platform from day #1.

Supporting the entire enterprise

CSDM is not just for IT but for the entire enterprise. It can be leveraged for technical services, business services, capabilities, processes and more. Scaling the service-centric mindset to go beyond just the IT team.

Pillars for a successful CSDM implementation

Rolling out CSDM can be a large undertaking. Scoping it correctly, generating buy-in and making sure you have both management as well as staff onboard can be difficult. At Einar & Partners, we’ve helped countless organizations boil down the CSDM journey to what really matters. In the end of the day, CSDM is a cultural and organizational undertaking and not just an exercise in data-models.

Scoping CSDM

When working with CSDM one has to be humble on where the priorities should be focused. Undertaking too much too quickly may lead to the CSDM strategy falling short and ultimately not having the desired effects.

Service Definitions

Creating easy service definitions for technical services, business services, application services and more is critical. The easier it is for staff to understand what each object does and how to correctly map it – the better.

Service Governance

Who owns the various objects in CSDM? What are the expectations on different stakeholders and what should each role do? What are the lifecycles for services? Having a clear governance model for CSDM is perhaps the most important aspect of an implementation.


Using automation to connect the infrastructure to services is key. Service Mapping, service builders and more tools should be leveraged to automatically connect the infrastructure layer to the service layer.

Simplify CSDM with Einar & Partners

Onboarding frameworks, governance models, implementation methods and stellar service owner onboarding. That's what we do.