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Creating a reliable, up-to-date and trustworthy CMDB is an artform. Populating a CMDB with data is easy, but managing it with user-friendly governance, solid ownership structures and an enabled CMDB team remains a challenge.

Creating a realistic roadmap and strategy for a CMDB should be the priority of any major enterprise. The journey towards a mature CMDB is an incremental approach, and should be taken in steps which can easily be described towards the organization, management and different IT teams.

At Einar & Partners, we have created over 50 CMDB’s with successful results where ROI can be measured and quantified. A good CMDB builds the foundation for future service-models, analytics and business-intelligence. Having the right approach from the get-go is key.

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ServiceNow CMDB

The ServiceNow CMDB is at the core of Service Operations, ITOM and most modules within the platform. Irrespective of your industry, your outsourcing landscape or unique challenges the CMDB is a huge boost to the rest of the organization. Through the CMDB you can enable cost-tracking, impact analysis, risk assessments and more – all with real-time data.

CMDB Governance

Easy governance with CMDB Health dashboards, audits and KPI’s. With user-friendly approaches and UX, maintaining data quality becomes easier.

Data Population

Use pre-made connectors, Discovery or real-time event data to keep the CMDB up-to-date through automation. Combine logical data, meta-data and tag-based data to contextualize infrastructure and dependencies.

Service Operations Ready

The ServiceNow CMDB is not just infrastructure centric but service-centric. Leverage the CMDB framework to map services, products and application portfolios in user-friendly ways.

Pillars for a successful CMDB

Creating a reliable CMDB is a cultural journey more than anything. Although technology is important, having people onboard who supports the CMDB initiative is key. If a CMDB initiative is not managed correctly, the CMDB risks being underutilized and not giving the expected ROI. A correctly scoped and managed CMDB on the other hand will ensure that it becomes a cornerstone of IT strategy.

Minimalistic Approach

A CMDB shouldn’t’ become a monster-project. Keep a minimalistic approach, start where it’s easy and let a roadmap expand gradually. Be intentional about designing governance & development which doesn’t cost too much time or money.

Roles & Responsibilities

A CMDB quickly deteriorates without the proper muscle to maintain the data quality. Having clear roles, expectations and roadmap for the CMDB team is important. For more info around CMDB governance see our video.

Automation & Discovery

Avoiding manual work in favour of Discovery, plug-and-play integrations and other ways of data population is critical for CMDB success. Creating easy ways for vendors, departments and stakeholders to add CMDB data becomes important.

Internal time & effort

Knowing how much time should be spent on the CMDB, what teams to involve and when to involve is key. Einar & Partners have benchmarked over 50 CMDB implementations to quantify business intelligence to reduce the implementation cost and timeline.

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