Business Case & Planning

A business case is more than simple numbers and money. A business case is the basis of decision-making and the compass for how an implementation is evaluated and done correctly. Having a good business case sets the expectations for management, identifies risks at an early stage and answers the most important points before making a decision.

At Einar & Partners we have extensive experience in creating business cases related to ITOM implementations and transformations. The business cases we create are anchored in reality and with a structured approach behind them.


How can we help with a business case?

Formulating target vision

Formulating a target vision which everybody can agree upon can sometimes be difficult, especially in ITOM. We take the consensus from multiple departments and perspectives to land on an ultimate vision the entire organization can sign off on.

Use-cases & priorities

During our business case assessments for ITOM we map out the primary use-cases and categorize them according to priority, maximum impact and cost factors.

Analyzing & researching historical data

We crunch and analyze historical data, previous internal initiatives and material relevant to the business case. For example existing processes, policies, investigations or ways of working.