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Event Management

The nature of monitoring is developing and changing. What we monitor is no longer only traditional servers and metrics, but so much more. Stateless architectures, logs, events and sensor data today come together to generate thousands of events per minute.

With data sources multiplying by every year the monitoring landscape have quickly become complex. The data volume, variety and speed of ingestion creates a noise impossible to keep up with for human beings. As such monitoring today requires a state of observing.

Observing means analyzing, collecting and keeping track of applications states and their output. Together with traditional monitoring this gives a more holistic picture of the health in complex IT environments. Algorithms and machine learning assists with making sense of the data and detect anomalies based on history.

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Event Management

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Pre-made connectors

90 %

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ServiceNow Event Management

Event Management in ServiceNow is the manager of managers. ServiceNow is not a monitoring tool in itself but is used to ingest data from existing tools. Pre-made connectors exist for most modern monitoring solutions and platform provides multiple interfaces for setting up custom integrations. With Event Management you can correlate monitoring data to incidents, changes, past fixes, application impact and much more. It helps automate analysis of symptoms and applies machine learning to correlate, suggest and connect the dots.

Monitoring sources

Receive event data from hypothetically any source. APM Tools, Cloud, Prometheus, Nagios and much more. ServiceNow comes with over 25 pre-made connectors.

Machine Learning

ML helps to correlate alerts, identification of root cause and remediation. Using ML directly translates into customer satis-faction and increased revenue.


Learn what worked from the past. Trigger automatic workflows and self-healing processes. Roll-back or integrate with DevOps processes. It’s your choice!

How does it work?


Ingest events
Connect and start sending events to ServiceNow from existing monitoring tools. Integrate from any source.
Apply intelligence
ML assists in correlation, grouping and analysis of alerts. Get insight into the impact on services and users.
Take action
Trigger workflows, scripts or processes. Follow the remediation from end-2-end and reduce MTTR immediately.
ServiceNow Observability and Event Management

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