ITOM Implementation

Implementing ServiceNow ITOM is an artform of navigating complexity, politics and technical best practices. To break down a large ITOM journey into simple steps which can be used for coordination, project planning and capacity planning is not always easy. Planning an ITOM implementation well is the difference between a CMDB and platform being used and embraced by everyone and a failed project without ROI.

At Einar & Partners we have assisted and lead more than 80 large-scale implementations of ITOM across the globe. We know the domino effects of choices, dependencies, risks and how to navigate the complexity of an ITOM project successfully. Through working with an experienced partner who knows what steps to take and in what order can avoid delays, budget overspend and low buy-in from the organization.

Discovery Rollouts, CSDM implementations, CMDB projects and AIOps transformations. That’s what we do best.

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Our implementation framework

Assessment & Concept

We scope, design and formulate a rock-solid implementation plan through our assessments. With workshops, stakeholder interviews, requirements gathering and more our assessments setup the implementation for success.

Standard user-stories & approaches

We have drafted and optimized a library of essential userstories, epics and other project related data (such as milestones and objectives) for ITOM. Ready to be imported and used.

Enabling your internal team

During the rollout phase of ITOM we work, enable and coach your internal team through learn-by-doing. Together we learn, iterate and scale ITOM for the quickest time-to-value.

Organization Buy-in

Generating buy in early and having a tight dialogue with critical teams to avoid any implementation delays or budget overspends.

Coordination & Coaching

When implementing an ITOM project many stakeholders are involved. Infrastructure teams, network teams, 3rd party providers, staff to validate data and more. Coordination is perhaps the most important aspect of an ITOM implementation.

Lowering risk & impact

Minimizing impact on IT infrastructure, sensitive devices and networks. When drafting an ITOM implementation plan we lower the risk of unwanted surprises.

Our implementation experience


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