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Our implementation network

Massive in scope yet simple in execution. This is an area where Einar & Partners shines and outperforms the competition. Our philosophy around implementation is that it shouldn’t require an entire armada of different roles, layers and responsibilities to get a ball rolling.

We prefer to work according to a straight forward, transparent and easy to understand delivery model when it comes to implementation. We have been in direct involvement and overseen countless of transformations, from start- to finish.

Our implementation network consists of various specialists from different disciplines. Cloud, monitoring, data, network and much more. This way, we staff the right people at the right project.

Working with us

A simple approach

We believe that no single service provider or consultancy firm can provide the entire skill-set required for implementing modern IT Operations. The amount of subject matter expertise necessary is simply too much. For this reason, we rely on our network of partners to find the right match for your implementation.

Engage with us, set-up a meeting and explain your needs
Team setup
We reach out in our network to find the right candidates for your team-setup.
Together with the implementation team we realize your project in a co-joint effort
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