Governance Models

IT Operations requires governance to function efficiently. A successful governance model impacts culture, responsibilities, sense of ownership and accountability. Governance can be found in most aspects of ITOM. Hardware Asset Management, Software Licenses, CMDB, Data Quality, Service models and more all depends on governance.

It should be user-friendly, easy to work with and will make sure a system and process is widely used. In some industries governance is a critical aspect due to regulations, such as the DORA regulation in finance or SOX compliance in manufacturing. At Einar & Partners, we have experience creating realistic governance models for organizations in the areas of ITOM.

CMDB Governance

With rich experience in CMDB governance, we have implemented and refined frameworks which helps organisations maintain data quality, define ownerships, process interfaces and more. Ultimately ensuring that the CMDB gets used for business and IT intelligence and generate ROI.

SACM Governance

What is a service? How do we offer services? And what is the relation between technical services and business services? We have created SACM governance frameworks for service models, definitions, ownerships and service portfolios. Based on ServiceNow CSDM.

AIOps & Monitoring

Governance models for Event Management, Observability, Monitoring and more. We’ve helped large enterprises with governance models in the entire ITOM suite and beyond, with special focus on monitoring and observability. Ultimately driving an organization towards AIOps and predictive AI in IT Operations.

IT Governance aspects we help with

Process Blueprints

We help organizations create repetable blueprints for Discovery, CMDB, CSDM and other areas in ServiceNow ITOM. That way the company can scale independently with internal staff.

Ownership Models

Ownership models for CMDB, Services, Application Portfolios and more. Governance models should be able to support internal IT, outsourcing providers and vendors. Who has the responsibility for what?

Cost Modelling & Finance

Governance to apply cost, chargeback and IT finances towards IT Assets, CMDBs and more. Breaking down costs for IT infrastructure, services and assets.

Service & Application Portfolios

We help define governance for service portfolios (SPM) as well as application portfolios (APM). Maintaining services and application inventories with ease.

Data Quality & Trust

High quality trust in the data with a reliable CMDB. Governance for CMDB should be easy, user-friendly and understandable for everybody. We help define roles, processes and responsibilities to achieve data quality and ownership.

CSDM & Service Operations

How to map, inventorize and document services and application dependencies? We break down the CSDM data-model in ServiceNow to simplicity to create easy definitions, roles, responsibilities and best practices.

Make governance work with
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