Starting Q4 2021, Einar & Partners are unveiling a unique research unit focused on the industry of AIOps with special attention on the ServiceNow ecosystem. According to valuate reports market research, the global AIOps Market size is projected to reach USD 23.9 Billion by 2027, from USD 4.0 Billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 30% during 2021-2027.

Bringing transparency to promises of ROI

AIOps is a fairly new terminology coined by Gartner in 2017, and with such a significant new market also comes big promises. Today, many decision-makers and IT leaders ask themselves if AIOps truly gives return on investment, if the products are mature enough, and what is the impact of implementing AIOps across the IT org?

Vendors have many promises of what AIOps can do—such as lower time-to-resolution for incidents, improving service quality, faster root cause analysis, and ultimately decreasing outages. Yet, the cost for implementing AIOps across an IT org is high, and the time-to-value is not always clear.

The Einar & Partners research unit focuses on independently researching the impact of AIOps on IT and the business. The research unit will verify and measure ROI, common challenges, time-to-value, implementation timelines and other important variables when considering an AIOps project.

Behind the research unit are leading industry experts in AIOps as well as volunteers.

Akif Baser, the new R&D Lead at Einar & Partners, explains:

“We are currently developing methodologies for data measuring, collection and presentation. Our research unit aims to provide industry-leading data that decision-makers directly can use as a basis for their AIOps budget- & project decisions.”“On a long-term basis, we aim to connect academic institutions in the Netherlands to assist in analyzing market trends and new innovative ways AIOps can help.” – Akif adds.

ServiceNow Benchmarks, Reports & Applied Research for ITOM & AIOps

One of the key players in the AIOps market is ServiceNow. With multiple acquisitions done in the past 24 months, such as Loom systems and Lightstep, the platform is on a trajectory to become one of the leading vendors for AIOps.

ServiceNow today has a strong IT Operations portfolio, namely their famous ITOM suite (IT Operations Management). The company is projected to hit a subscription revenue of 15B$ within the next five years – of which ITOM & AIOps is a significant piece.

The Einar & Partners research unit will be among the first research bodies that divert special attention to the ServiceNow ITOM & AIOps ecosystem. The goal is to provide the market with benchmarks, analysis, strategic workshops and in-depth content around ServiceNow ITOM & AIOps.

“Our content has already received an enormously positive response in the ServiceNow space, and now we want to take our material around ITOM to an even higher level.” – Says Alexander Ljungström, founder of Einar & Partners.

Read more about the Einar & Partners research unit by visiting our new research website.

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