Cloud Provisioning and Governance

Cloud Provisioning & Governance with

Cloud Management

Cloud Management is more than provisioning cloud resources and infrastructure. A true cloud management solution should encapsulate every layer and corner of cloud operations daily task. From an organizational level to technical integrations and insights.

Many organizations today have multiple cloud providers for different purposes. However the ease of creating new resources comes with a sacrifice, often a sacrifice of control. To know which resources are used for what purpose, if they are appropriately scaled and business insights is not an easy task.

The consequence is anarchy and cost increase for underutilized computing power. Governance, rules and compliance is just as important as security, provisioning and configuration. With a cloud management solution you can build a framework around your cloud activities and always remain in control.

Cloud Spend

Money down the drain

Did you know IDC estimate up to 30% of enterprise cloud-costs is wasted due to lack of control and visibility?

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Supported providers

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Pre-made recipes

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Configuration providers

ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning & Governance

ServiceNow Cloud Management integrates with other cloud providers. Through cloud management you can give staff a shopping like self-service experience when ordering cloud resources. Optimizing cloud costs and break them down per application, service, cost centers or other identities. Through using ServiceNow as an entrypoint, companies can apply one governance model applicable for all cloud providers in one place.

Empower self-service

Easy to use self-service portals. See status and health of resources, budget-spend, life cycle operations and much more.

Give billing data meaning

Correlate billing data to the application, cost center or service. Combining data from multiple sources to get insights of cloud spend.

Apply governance

Capacity, budget or compute quotas. Based on per group, department, cost center or other factors. Control what’s allowed or not.

How does it work?


Setup shop
Import existing templates from Azure, Amazon or Terraform. Create orderable items.
Apply governance
Apply guard rails and governance over your cloud activities. Implement rule sets for how your cloud should be managed.
Reduce costs
Reduce costs by optimization, greater control and more transparency. Get rid of unnecessary resources.

Tired of anarchy and chaos in the cloud?