Einar & Partners adds ITOM expertise to The Cloud People in new partnership

Einar & Partners have entered a partnership with The Cloud People, a ServiceNow- & Google partner based in the Nordics. The partnership will strengthen the mutual cooperation between the companies in the areas of modern IT Operations powered by Machine Learning & AI.

The Cloud People – Smart Resourcing

The Cloud People approaches projects and engagement through a new method of “smart resourcing” for consulting – leading to the right skills getting involved at the right time. The methodology aligns well with the philosophy of Einar & Partners, where we believe in pinpointed and target efforts as a good substitute for more traditional implementations.

ITOM Expertise to the Nordic market

The partnership’s goal is to expose Einar & Partners resources (with their unique industry insight and experience in ITOps) towards the eco-system of The Cloud People.

The IT landscape is growing more complex, with IT shifting more workloads to the cloud and experiencing a surge in modern DevOps practices. As a result, the demand for strategies that reduce complexity is massive, with machine learning & AI knocking on the doorstep.

This is where Einar & Partners meet with The Cloud People, providing A+ ServiceNow ITOM resources to companies who want to simplify the nature of their ITOps.

Below are some comments from the leadership team. 

“We’re thrilled to expose our expertise to the network of The Cloud People. But perhaps more importantly, we feel there’s fundamentally a strong common ground between how projects should be delivered, with a no-fuzz approach and full transparency. It will be an exciting future, that’s for sure.”

Alexander Ljungström, Managing Director @ E&P 

“The Cloud People are all about finding the right talent for the right job. With the partnership of Einar & Partners, we are taking our ServiceNow ITOM skills and capabilities to a whole new level. We look forward to working with Einar & Partners team to bring added value to our customers around the world.”

Hannes Hirvikallio, Director & Advisor @ The Cloud People 

More Information:

The Cloud People A.S
Rådhusgata 5, 0151
Oslo, Norway

+47 23 29 23 00

Einar & Partners B.V
Herengracht 420, 1017BZ
Amsterdam, Netherlands

+46 8-559 25 275

Amsterdam/Oslo – 22/04/2021

Partnership Announcement AIMS

Einar & Partners enters global partnership with AIMS Innovation

Einar & Partners have entered an exclusive agreement with the innovative and upcoming AIOps vendor AIMS Innovation. AIMS Innovation, based out of Norway, provides the market with a unique AIOps platform. The platform aims to cut implementation time and costs for enterprises and companies wanting to get started with anomaly detection and AIOps.

AIMS – The quickest way to reach AIOps 

AIMS is a platform specifically tailored for enterprises that want quick time-to-value and ROI when it comes to anomaly detection and observability. AIMS can be installed in a matter of hours and start monitoring the infrastructure across the stack for anomalies and deviating patterns.

AIMS initially started as a scientific research project at the University Of Oslo and has in the past years seen big commercial success with well-renowned multinationals using the platform. The platform utilizes it’s own and proprietary algorithms developed by industry-leading data scientists.

Thanks to AIMS, enterprises can easily tap into over 200 different technologies and telemetry data sources to generate anomalies, service topologies and behavioral reports in real-time. The platform’s ultimate goal is to provide the next level of observability in a user-friendly and low-code approach – cutting time-to-value and increasing ROI.

A partnership of strategic value 

The partnership between AIMS Innovation and Einar & Partners is unique in the market and of strategic value. With in-depth industry expertise in AIOps, both firms will offer a combined approach to get started with AIOps faster than with any other platform in the market. 

Einar & Partners will deliver a special ServiceNow integration between the AIMS platform and ServiceNow ITSM & ITOM. The integration aims to enrich and complement the ServiceNow platform with anomaly incidents, anomaly alerts and CMDB data from AIMS. 

Furthermore, Einar & Partners will facilitate stand-alone rollouts and implementation expertise of the AIMS platform towards customers around EU. With Einar & Partners’ strategic mindset in combination with the technology from AIMS Innovation – the partnership represents a synergy difficult to find elsewhere.  

Below are some comments from the leadership team. 

“We’re very excited about this partnership. The intellectual property and scientific background of AIMS align very well with the philosophy we have – to always push the limits of what AIOps can do. We’ve seen evidence of this platform truly can scale in enterprises and we’re excited about the integration possibilities to other platforms.”

Alexander Ljungström, Managing Director @ E&P 

“At AIMS we have invested for years in scientific research and development of the AIMS platform.  We have patiently been waiting for the AIOps market to mature.  Our mission is to make AIOps affordable and available for any organization of any size.  This is a fundamental belief shared with Einar & Partners.  Bringing our unique technology to market requires working with the best and the most innovative in the AIOps eco-system globally – and that Einar & Partners represent.”

Ivar Sagemo, CEO @ AIMS Innovation 

More Information:

AIMS Innovation A/S
Gaustadalleen 21, 0349
Oslo, Norway

+ 47 4822 3424

Einar & Partners B.V
Herengracht 420, 1017BZ
Amsterdam, Netherlands

+46 8-559 25 275

Amsterdam/Oslo – 27/01/2021

ITSM Group and Einar & Partners

Einar & Partners enters partnership with ITSM Group

Einar & Partners are happy to announce the major news that we’re entering a strategic partnership with ITSM Group – a ServiceNow elite partner in the DACH region. ITSM Group is veterans in the German-speaking market in regards to digital transformation, enterprise service management, and organizational transformation.

Approaching the market in DACH

Jointly approaching the market in D-A-CH, the partnership aims to launch successful AIOps- & ITOM transformations to drive innovation at scale around the region.

Combining both companies’ forces and innovative nature into one mutual approach creates leading quality in the german-speaking market for ServiceNow ITOM & AIOps; difficult to find somewhere else.

Together the two companies will be at the forefront of ITOM, helping clients in the region from a strategic, organizational and technical perspective.

The specialized competence from Einar & Partners, and their successful strategies around ITOM programs, with the local expertise and in-depth knowledge at ITSM Group – form a winning alliance.

Our view on the partnership

Alexander Ljungstrom, Managing Director at Einar & Partners describes his view on the partnership.

Alexander Ljungstrom

“We’re extremely pleased with the partnership, entering 2021 together as a joint force in DACH. With special competence in DevOps, and resources with the technical know-how in ServiceNow ITOM – ITSM Group was the natural choice for us.”

Alexander Ljungstrom, Managing Director @ E&P

Fabian Kunzke, AIOps & ITOM Lead at ITSM Group comments on the partnership below.

Fabian Kunzke

“We’re equally excited to enter this new partnership in 2021. The reputation and in-depth strategic expertise at Einar & Partners is rock-solid and creates fantastic synergies between our companies and resources.”

Fabian Kunzke, AIOps & ITOM Lead @ ITSM Group

Amsterdam, 15/12/2020 - 08:00 CET

Further Information

iTSM Group
Siegfried Riedel
Am Kuemmerling 21-25
D-55294 Bodenheim
Phone: + 49 61 35 93 34 0

Further Information

Einar & Partners
Alexander Ljungström
Herengracht 420
1017BZ, Amsterdam
Phone: +31 6 146 55 199