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AIMS AIOps & Anomaly Detection

The world of AIOps today can be summarized in two ways; large and expensive. The platforms behind AIOps caters to large enterprises and the effort to implement the technology can quickly run into budget overspend.  

We believe that benefiting from AIOps & anomaly detection should not require the most expensive and complex platforms. Sometimes a pin-point solution is a more strategic choice, where quick time to value and rapid progress is the leading motto. 

AIMS innovation is a focused AIOps solution with one mission only – to break down AIOps into simplicity. With the platform customers enjoy 90% quicker time-to-value compared with other major AIOps platforms, allowing the IT department to get anomaly detection started in days and not months. 

The best part? It can easily integrate with any big enterprise ITSM & ITOM platform in the market. 

Learn more about what the AIMS platform can do for enterprises that quickly wants to start with AIOps.

90 %

Faster TTV

80 %

Cost reduction



Autonomous Observability with AIMS

With the AIMS AI platform SRE’s and IT-Ops can see dependencies, anomalies and patterns across the stack and infrastructure. Using proprietary algorithms developed by leading data scientists the platform can be installed in hours and within 14 days detect anomalies in monitoring, metric and telemetric data. 

Automated Service Topologies 

AIMS AI detects traffic flows and patterns in transactions to build automatic service topologies. The topologies allow IT staff to get a full 360 view of complex architectures across hybrid environments. 

Lowered costs & enterprise ready 

AIMS is a scalable and light-weight solution ready for enterprises as well as medium-sized companies. Compared to big and bulky platforms AIMS is easy to maintain and get started with. 

ServiceNow integration 

Einar & Partners facilitates a comfortable, one-click-install integration that synchronizes exceptionally well with ServiceNow ITSM & ITOM for anomaly incidents and alerts, as well as CMDB synergies.

Get started with AIMS

How does it work?

Getting up and running with AIMS is quick, fast and efficient through Einar & Partners. We can rollout anomaly detection for the entire enterprise in a few easy steps.

Get started pack
An innovative package from Einar & Partners to quickly get started with AIMS installation & support
Rollout AIMS
Rollout AIMS in a proof of concept in only a few days effort. Wait for anomalies & topologies to generate automatically.
Integrate with ITSM
Integrate AIMS easily to your ITSM platform of choice. For ServiceNow we facilitate a free plug-and-play integration.

Interested in getting up to speed?