Einar & Partners adds ITOM expertise to The Cloud People in new partnership

Einar & Partners have entered a partnership with The Cloud People, a ServiceNow- & Google partner based in the Nordics. The partnership will strengthen the mutual cooperation between the companies in the areas of modern IT Operations powered by Machine Learning & AI.

The Cloud People – Smart Resourcing

The Cloud People approaches projects and engagement through a new method of “smart resourcing” for consulting – leading to the right skills getting involved at the right time. The methodology aligns well with the philosophy of Einar & Partners, where we believe in pinpointed and target efforts as a good substitute for more traditional implementations.

ITOM Expertise to the Nordic market

The partnership’s goal is to expose Einar & Partners resources (with their unique industry insight and experience in ITOps) towards the eco-system of The Cloud People.

The IT landscape is growing more complex, with IT shifting more workloads to the cloud and experiencing a surge in modern DevOps practices. As a result, the demand for strategies that reduce complexity is massive, with machine learning & AI knocking on the doorstep.

This is where Einar & Partners meet with The Cloud People, providing A+ ServiceNow ITOM resources to companies who want to simplify the nature of their ITOps.

Below are some comments from the leadership team. 

“We’re thrilled to expose our expertise to the network of The Cloud People. But perhaps more importantly, we feel there’s fundamentally a strong common ground between how projects should be delivered, with a no-fuzz approach and full transparency. It will be an exciting future, that’s for sure.”

Alexander Ljungström, Managing Director @ E&P 

“The Cloud People are all about finding the right talent for the right job. With the partnership of Einar & Partners, we are taking our ServiceNow ITOM skills and capabilities to a whole new level. We look forward to working with Einar & Partners team to bring added value to our customers around the world.”

Hannes Hirvikallio, Director & Advisor @ The Cloud People 

More Information:

The Cloud People A.S
Rådhusgata 5, 0151
Oslo, Norway

+47 23 29 23 00

Einar & Partners B.V
Herengracht 420, 1017BZ
Amsterdam, Netherlands

+46 8-559 25 275

Amsterdam/Oslo – 22/04/2021

Masterclass: AIOps Revolution? The crucial business impact of Anomaly Detection in IT

How do anomaly detection and machine learning impact the operating model of IT departments? With the increase of data complexity, organizations are searching for the holy grail of becoming “predictive” with their IT operations.

But what does it mean to be predictive?

In this masterclass by Einar & Partners, together with AIMS, we look closer at how monitoring teams and ITOps incorporate machine learning and algorithms to stay competitive. The “AIOps” revolution stands ahead of IT departments and reshapes how IT Operations support the business.

In our fast-paced educational session, listeners will learn first-hand from industry-leading experts about key topics, such as:

  • Examples of predictive ITOps and what to realistically expect from ML (Machine Learning) in 2021.
  • New operating models – how does the mode of working change with AIOps?
  • Market analysis: how the market of AIOps has evolved and matured rapidly in a few years.
  • Building a simple business case.

Who is the webinar for?

The webinar is ideal for decision-makers, IT leaders, and product owners who are curious about the concept of AIOps and if it really can bring value – or if it’s merely a hype.


We assume any attendees are already familiarized with the concept of AIOps and Anomaly detection. If not click here to read more.


Alexander Ljungström, Managing Director & AIOps enthusiast @ Einar & Partners.

Alexander Ljungstrom

“Alexander Ljungström, a passionate expert in AIOps strategy at Einar & Partners, will share his viewpoints based on real-life practical experience. Alexander has reshaped over 15 large-size organizations around Europe to help embed machine learning in the IT department.”

Ivar Sagemo,, CEO @ AIMS

“Ivar Sagemo, CEO of AIMS, has built SaaS companies the past 20 years and has seen the market of AIOps develop from academia to commercial off-the-shelf products. With his understanding of the need behind Anomaly Detection in IT Operations, Ivar takes a different approach compared to the traditional massive implementation projects.”

No sales-related content or buzzwords. This masterclass gives tangible knowledge condensed in 45 minutes. We encourage you to bring your curious mind and join our session!

Time & Date: 6th of May @ 11:00 – 12:00 CET